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Conquering Digestive Issues: The Power of Wellness Coaching & Precision Lab Testing

In an era where quick remedies and conventional doctor appointments often don't provide the relief we seek, a unique blend of Precision Lab Testing and Wellness Coaching offer a different approach.

Let's talk about wellness coaching combined with precision lab testing for digestive health.

Emma's Victory Over Digestive Problems

Emma was sent to us by her college track coach.  She is a division 1 athlete who could not finish workouts due to her digestive issues, which was obviously affecting her performance. 

On top of that, she battled daily bloating and struggled with body image because of it.  She had been to multiple doctor visits over the past 3 years for her health issues, but was told there was nothing they could do.  She was frustrated and thought she would just have to live with it.  

As her wellness coach, Emma and I spent 2.5 hours(!) digging through her lifestyle, nutrition, sleep patterns, sources of stress, what she had tried in the past, her food intolerances and more.  We also had her do a comprehensive stool test and we identified and talked through what was going on internally.   

At the end of our session, we came up with a plan together, that was actionable, fit into Emma’s lifestyle without overwhelming her, and that she could start implementing right away.  Before Emma even started her supplement protocol, so only from the implementing lifestyle changes, she started finishing her workouts without any digestive disruptions almost immediately.  She had been battling this for 3 years and had been to 3 different doctors. 

The Wellness coach both has and takes the time to get deep into lifestyle factors that our current healthcare system simply doesn’t allow the time for.  In some cases, thats okay, but in others, like Emma’s, the solution was there, it just took some patient digging. 

The Core of Wellness Coaching

So, what exactly is Wellness Coaching? It's a transformative collaboration where you, the client, lead the way towards your wellness aspirations. It's built on the belief that you know your body best. As your wellness coach, my role is to empower, guide, and support you as we co-create your journey to optimal health.

What We Do:

  1. Mapping Your Health Goals:

  • Want to boost your immunity and reduce sick days to be more present in your life?

  • Looking to eliminate that '6-months pregnant' bloat after meals and resolve digestive unpredictability?

  • Or perhaps, reignite your energy levels and clear out brain fog to enhance productivity at work?

  1. Identifying Your Top Health Concerns: We delve into your most pressing health complaints, whether they're digestive, energy, brain, mood, or immunity-related.

  2. Explore Your Lifestyle: A deep dive into your current life stage and lifestyle habits, discussing everything from nutrition and sleep to stress, relationships, and body movement.

4. Precision Lab Testing:

Your wellness goals and concerns, paired with an in-depth lifestyle analysis, are

then complemented by personalized lab tests. These may include a comprehensive look into your gut microbiome, hormone levels, micronutrient deficiencies, and more. This holistic approach allows us to craft a tailored wellness plan that truly resonates with your needs.

Next Steps:

  • Identify Your Health Goals: Reflect on what you truly want to achieve with your health. Think about your long-term vision and the immediate changes you wish to see. State your top goals with this sheet

  • Rank Your Health Complaints: Attached is a Health Complaint Ranking Sheet to help you prioritize your health concerns. This will be a valuable tool in our coaching sessions.

  • Book a Free Call! And get started on your journey to optimal wellness!

Join the Journey

I hope this insight into wellness coaching and the transformative potential of precision lab testing has illuminated a path for you. It's more than just a journey; it's a partnership towards achieving a life where you feel truly confident from the inside out.

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