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Optimizing Wellness for Women

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Helping women Conquer Digestive Issues, Optimize Energy, and Balance Mood so they can feel confidant from the inside out!

Wellness with AO in Kitchen

"...the best kept secret in medicine: Given the right conditions, the body heals itself" -Michael Greger, MD

Can you relate to any of these things I hear my clients say again and again...

  • I have been to multiple doctors who tell me there is nothing wrong/nothing more they can do

  • I am so tired of feeling bloated after meals and not knowing why

  • I have battled constipation/diarrhea for many years and am so tired of it interfering with my life

  • I just want to feel confident and comfortable in my own skin

  • I want to know if my gut is contributing my symptoms

  • I constantly feel inflamed

  • I want to know why I have fatigue and brain fog all the time  

  • I want to know what I can do to improve my immunity and feel my best

  • Could my gut be causing my skin issues?'re not alone, and we can help

Yoga at Home

Microbiome Reset Package

We use comprehensive microbiome testing and proven protocols to rebalance your gut and put your digestive issues behind you, so you can look and feel your best. 

General Wellness Package

For women who want to optimize their wellness.  This package includes microbiome and serum testing, access to proven protocols, 6-1:1 functional wellness coaching sessions and more.  

Total Wellness Package

Our most comprehensive package which includes microbiome testing, our General Wellness serum kit, the Dutch Hormone Test, a toxins & heavy metals panel, access to proven protocols, and 10-1:1 coaching sessions.

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I had been to multiple doctors for my chronic constipation, bloating, brain fog, and fatigue. I was so tired of being gaslit and told to “just drink more water.” I actually cried in my first session with Ashley because she listened to and validated me. The stool test explained what I had been describing for years, and her protocols FINALLY gave me relief!!!

Brianna R.,
North Carolina


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I was on antibiotics for 3 years for acne, and when I came off, I suffered with diarrhea and bloating for 4 years. Nothing seemed to help, including specialists. Ashley assured me she COULD help and her protocols GAVE ME MY GUT BACK!!! I no longer have to fear the bloating, pain, and bathroom urges that I battled for so long.  I highly recommend her!

Maria S.,

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I struggled with burnout, brain fog, and fatigue when I came to Ashley. Through lab testing, I learned about how my nutrient deficiencies and adrenal fatigue were contributing to my symptoms. Her protocols, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations gave me my health back and I am so grateful.  I feel better than I ever have. 

Stephanie, M.,

 Hi, I'm Ashley!  I'm a board certified Nurse Practitioner, Wellness Coach, and founder of Wellness with AO.   I have worked in  Women's Health for over a decade, and am passionate about empowering women to feel confidant from the inside out through wellness.


We believe that when undesirable issues present themselves, it is our bodies way of telling us something is out of balance.  Issues may include but are not limited to fatigue, brain fog, skin problems, bloating, mood swings, anxiety, IBS/IBD, autoimmune issues, hair loss, or generally feeling "off."   Wellness with AO was created to help you understand the root causes of your imbalances and empower you you recreate the right environment for your body to thrive.  We work with clients  using a thorough intake, comprehensive lab testing, proven protocols, meal planning, holistic nutrition and lifestyle  coaching for sustainable life changes, and more. 

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Comprehensive Lab Testing
Functional Wellness Coaching for Women

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