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The Daily Habit of the Super Infused Tea

Nutrient Dense Beverages, Spiced Up to Enjoy Throughout the Day

Wellness with AO

Written by Ashley Osborne

The Nutrient Rich Super Infused Daily Tea

I always feel like I’ve tapped into a bit of magic when I discover things that offer multiple benefits at one time. Discovering the term nutrient density was magical mindset shift for me and transformed the way I looked at food. Nutrient density refers to the ratio of beneficial nutrients in a food (like vitamins, minerals, lean protein, healthy fats, and fiber) compared to its caloric content. I have learned to befriend and love nutrient dense foods, knowing they give the most bang for buck and contribute to overall longevity and wellness.

Nutritive super infusions are a great example of a nutrient dense beverage. I studied herbal medicine through my wellness coaching course and later decided to take classes with an herbalist in Brooklyn, NY. This is when I discovered the power of the daily super infused tea.

Nutritive super infusions are next level supplements, providing concentrated nutrients in a whole foods package, and are very safe to consume.

They are antioxidant and nutrient packed teas steeped overnight, and pack 15-30 times the amount of nutrients as your standard cup of tea (due to the longer steep time).

While the foundation of our nutrients should come from our diet, nutrient deficiencies are pretty common. Common deficiencies are Vitamin D, Iron, B12, Folic Acid, Calcium, Magnesium, and more. Nutritive super infusions provide large doses of the vitamins, minerals, and other compounds the body needs for optimal wellness, offering a nutritive boost to your daily diet.

Incorporating super infused nutritive herbs into your daily diet can lead to better mood and energy, more vibrant skin, stronger bones, shinier hair and harder nails, more efficient detoxification, and a better functioning immune system. They nourish the body, correct deficiencies, and foster optimal health.

Here are a few of my favorite nutritives, their benefits, and ways to spice them up to incorporate them into the daily routine.


· One cup of super-infused nettle leaf tea offers approximately 500 mg of bone-building calcium in a highly bioavailable form.

· Provides significant doses of magnesium and potassium.

· Provides Silica-strengthens collagen, keratin, elastin, and other forms or connective tissue.

· Rich in chlorophyll, antioxidants, are anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcer, antibacterial, cardioprotective and lower blood sugar.

*Super infuse overnight, Add apple cider, cinnamon, and a sprig of rosemary. Sip throughout the day!


· 35 percent silica-helps build healthy connective tissue and collagen, including bones, skin, hair and nails.

· Provides significant amounts of calcium and iron as well as some potassium and magnesium.

Oat Straw-

· Rich in calcium, magnesium, and iron with supportive silica and B vitamins.

· Also relaxes and nourishes the nervous-adrenal system.

· Oatstraw doesn’t contain gluten but may be contaminated with gluten.

*Super infuse overnight with some gluten free oats, add in oat milk, a little maple syrup, vanilla, and chai spices, and sip it throughout the day!

Raspberry Leaf Tea-

· Best known as a women’s herb but is beneficial for anyone.

· Provides a generous amount of vita

min C, calcium, and iron.

· Is an astringent-tightens and tones tissue, strengthens the muscles of the uterus, good for last trimester of pregnancy to facilitate a swift and easy birth and to ease menstrual cramping/water retention.

· Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and digestive support

*Super infuse overnight, add in muddled ginger, lemon, and honey. Pour in some pomegranate or cranberry juice and sparkling water and sip it throughout the day!

Rose Hips-

· Rose hips are the fruit that develop on rosebushes.

· Contain more vitamin C per ounce than almost any other natural source.

· Decrease inflammation and arthritis pain.


· Leaves contain iron and calcium.

· Roots and leaves stimulate digestion as well as detoxification via the liver and the kidneys. Useful for aiding digestion and absorption, improving skin issues and lowering cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

· Can relieve allergies and act as a natural antihistamine.


· Provides 100 times more carotenoids by weight.

· Can help heal gastric ulcers

· Detoxifies congested lymph nodes

· Is slightly antimicrobial.

Green Tea-

· Rich in antioxidants

· Anticarcinogenic

· Anti-inflammatory

· Thermogenic (stimulates metabosm)

· Probiotic and antimicrobial

*I like to steep it overnight and sip it hot with Muddle basil, lemon juice, honey (can freeze into ice cubes) or have it shaken over ice with an egg white for protein and froth.

Add a glass of green tea (can pour over ice)

Can add an egg white for protein and froth (shake vigorously).


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